Most Innovative Washing Machines

Washing machine has become an unavoidable domestic appliance in the context of hectic lifestyles of people. In the last 50 years several models of the machine have been introduced in the market. The early models were rustic which lacked sophistication. But in the course of time changes have taken place in the design and content of the machines. Manufacturers are making earnest efforts to improve the performance of their products. senator wss steam In the past decade when energy and water conservation became imperatives for the universe, machines also were re-designed to meet the challenges. Modern washing machines are also expected to be compact in view of the space constraints experienced by the home makers. In short, washing machines which are easy to operate, compact, completely automatic and energy as well as water efficient are sought by the consumers.

The market is responding accordingly. Some of the most innovative ones are now available for the consuming public. A novel example is the washing machine toilet. This specially designed machine is to be installed on the top of the toilet on a higher platform. Water used for washing clothes will be collected in a specially designed tank and later used to flush the toilet. It is a space saving arrangement which can be accommodated in the toilet conveniently. It also helps to conserve water which has become a scarce resource in many parts of the world. The product is highly acclaimed by the environmentalists.

Another innovative product which uses steam instead of water. Faster cleaning of the clothes with very little quantity of detergent is achieved in this model. Specially designed drum with slower spin speed helps to reduce noise level. It is acclaimed as the most energy efficient washing machine and has been awarded A+ certificate. Many other washing machines with unique features are being introduced in the market. A recent model is with detergent storage on the inside door to minimize internal plumbing. A machine with slow spin speed, it is a most affordable appliance for those with shoe-string budget. But it has limited capacity of 8 Kg of load in each wash. A similar 7 KG capacity with substantial energy and water savings is also available. This model is awarded A+ rating. There is another machine with larger capacity which run on direct drive technique is meant for large families. In order to remove stains from the clothes, a specially designed machine uses hot and cold water alternatively. The drum of this machine is capable of treating the clothes differently taking into consideration the texture and strength of the clothes. A leading manufacturer has developed a new one which can render relief to those who are suffering from Asthma and Allergy. This machine bears Asthma and Allergy friendly certification trade mark.

When the consumers are receiving encouraging new items regarding the inventions and promotions of innovative appliances, it is now reported that a Czech designer Jan Semerak has invented a new one which can clean clothes with ultra sound. According to the illustrious inventor, 6Kg of clothes can be washed in ten minutes.

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